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November 14, 2011


Present: Andrew Sharp, Paul Murphey, Louise Murphey, Kathleen Corey-Pittman,  Beata Elliott, Paul Carlson, Alex Miller (Board), Glen Dunne (Treasurer), Paul McManaway, Susan Calnin, Norbert Calnin, Heather Simonson, Will Buros, Sharon Zales (Secretary), Cheryl Crook, Bill Honer (Board), Michelle Goebel (Vice President), Tim Perry, Dave Turk (President).


Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM.  Minutes of previous general meeting were read and approved as read.  Glen Dunne gave the Treasurers Report.   When the accounting for “Annie” is done, the CP Board will designate a percentage of the profits to be donated to the Corey Bobb Scholarship Fund.  The Treasurer’s report was then filed for audit.


Old Business:

Congratulations by acclimation were offered to all participants in the summer production of “Annie”. Many people have commented that this was the best show they had ever seen and our numbers do reflect this.  


New Business:

 The summer 2012 production was discussed.  Heather Simonson has stepped forward to say that she will direct “The Sound of Music”.   Heather has a music director but needs other production team positions filled.   Kathleen volunteered to help with auditions and Louise Murphey will help with props. Sharon volunteered as House Manager.   Heather pointed out that there is room for expansion of the cast with this production. 


Elections were announced for two open Board positions and two Board officer positions.  Ken Nitka and Charles Koester have each completed their terms.  Chuck has decided not to run for reelection  but Ken is willing to remain on the Board.  Kathleen nominated Paul Carlson for Charles Koester’s two year position  and Ken Nitka for reelection to a two year term.  Sharon seconded.  After no more nominations, Andrew moved to close nominations and that motion carried.  So both positions were filled by the two nominees.  Sharon nominated Michelle to be reelected as Vice President.  There were no other nominees so Michelle was reelected by unanimous vote.  Kathleen nominated Glen Dunne for reelection as Treasurer. Since there were no other nominations, Beata moved to close nominations and Glen was reelected by unanimous vote.


By-Laws changes were discussed. Article V Section 9 “Duties of the President” as currently worded and Article 10 “Duties of the Vice President” were read as currently worded.  The changes would be to remove all language pertaining to the responsibilities of each Officer in connection to shows chosen for performance by Community Players.   The replacement wording would simply say “The main duty of the President with respect to productions shall be to serve as overseer and liason with the Production Team to ensure a successful production” and “The main duty of the Vice President with respect to productions shall be as secondary liason with the Production Team to ensure a successful production.”  Section 12 of that article “Treasurer” would change  “The Treasurer shall serve as Ticketmaster. Upon Board approval, another person may be appointed”, shall be removed and this duty shall be listed as part of the Production Team.  There was much discussion of these changes.   A motion to adopt the new language carried unanimously.


The winter production will be directed by Will Buros and will be “The Adventures of Santa Claus”. Will reported that the main item in the show will be a scripted production of “Christmas Carol, Inc” with a rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas’, a dance number for the “Little Match Girl” and an “Interview with Santa Claus”.  There will be some cost for the construction of the mouse house for the Night Before and a small amount for the office of the Christmas Carol but the cost should be minimal.  It was discussed and decided that this production should be a Community Players gives back event.  Since the community has shown such wonderful support for our productions, these performances will be free will donation and a canned good for the Food Pantry. 


The Veteran’s Memorial Show auditions will be soon and, as usual, Community Players members are urged to participate. 


More details will be made available in the future on a Corey Bobb Memorial Scholarship fund benefit.


There being no further business to come before the meeting,  President Dave adjourned at 8:53 PM.




Sharon .F Zales, Secretary