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"As good as, or better than, any professional theatre group I have ever seen!" - Audience Members
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Present: Kathleen Corey-Pittman, Cindy Chicker, Susan Calnin, Rhonda Gorman, Deb Zorea, Andrew Sharp, Peggy Veith, Mary Beth Behrens, Chelsey Behrens, Louise Murphey, Cheryl Crook, Paul Murphey, Chuck Koester, Paul Carlson, Norbert Calnin, Barbi Hilleshiem, Stephanie Bartels, Will Buros, Laura Ewing, Nikki Smith, Alex Miller, Jennifer Ottman, Kaitlynn Sime-Peschel, David Turk, Dave Brock, Lori Brinkley, Michelle Goebel,  Ken Nitka, Bill Honer and Sharon Zales.

President Bill Honer called the meeting to order at 7:07.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read.  Treasurer Glen Dunne was not present but President Bill reported on the 24 month CD and the checking account balance.  The donation letters sent prior to the summer production of Peter Pan were very successful and President Bill thanks all those who donated. Cindy Chicker moved and Michelle Goebel seconded the approval of the financial report as given. 

President Bill asked for nominations for a summer production with the understanding that this production will have a director who will assemble a team and a budget to be submitted for approval. Susan Calnin offered “Annie” with her as director which was seconded by Cindy. Dave Turk offered “Gilligan’s Island The Musical” with him as director which was seconded by Sharon Zales. The vote by show of hands was for “Annie”.

President Bill noted that there are three Community Players Board positions open and asked for nominees.  Nominated were: Deb Zorea, Paul Carlson, Dave Turk, Alex Miller and Paul McManaway. By ballot vote elected to the board  were Deb Zorea, Dave Turk and Alex Miller. Next President Bill asked for nominations for Board Secretary.  Sharon Zales was unanimously elected by voice vote as the only candidate. Nominations were then accepted for Board President.  Nominated were Bill Honer and Will Buros.  Bill Honer was re-elected as president by ballot vote.  Michelle moved and Sharon seconded to destroy the ballots.

The next Corey Bobb Scholarship Benefit will be loosely based on “A Prairie Home Companion” and will be held on April 2.  Needed are scripts or script ideas using local settings, events, people etc.  Also need commercials.  Forms will soon be online for the scholarship applications with the first scholarship to be awarded in the spring.

Talent show to benefit the Veterans Memorial was discussed and all Community Players members are urged to get involved.  Sound for the shows was discussed with emphasis on how to better the quality of the sound at the high school.  Dave Turk suggested that perhaps better placement of the speakers would help.  Michelle Goebel said that the school had someone check the sound system and Ken Nitka reported that the school is taking some action to make repairs and changes to the theater including the sound and lights.  President Bill reported that Community Players has purchased a laptop primarily for use by the Treasurer and also a keyboard.

Will Buros discussed the winter show and thanked Peggy Vieth for her help since it is almost all music with very little dialog.  He said there is a good cast and it is a very entertaining show on which they are working very hard.

Lori Brinkley reported that Paul Hibbard, a Community Players alum, is forming a nonprofit theater company in LaCrosse whose first production will be “The Last Five Years in April” to be staged at the Pump House Regional Arts Theater in LaCrosse.  Paul invites Community Players to “come along for the ride” and welcomes any support that can be given.

Kathleen Corey-Pittman was thanked for her work on the Corey Bobb Scholarship and she acknowledged the work her committee has done. She also reminded everyone that Community Players has a web site and a Facebook page.  Thanks for her contributions to Community Players were also given to Peggy Vieth who will be leaving the area soon.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, President Bill adjourned at



Sharon F Zales, Secretary