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                                      May, 2011

Director:  Bill Honer, President

Author:  Sharon Zales, Secretary

Cast: (Community Players Board Members) Ken Nitka, Dave Turk, Alex Miller, Michelle Goebel, Glen Dunn, Chuck Koester

Setting: Community Players Board Meeting

“The more you know, the more you know….”

Thanks to the hard work of all involved, not only were we able to say a proper farewell to Peggy Vieth on the 30th of April, we also raised sufficient funds for another year’s Corey Bobb Memorial scholarship!  Thank you and stay tuned for the announcement of the very first recipient of this scholarship which will come soon. 

We now have official forms for expense disbursement and a contract for the rental of any of our props, sets, costumes or equipment.   As we grow we become more and more organized and that enables us to continue our mission. 

The by-laws of the corporation have now been reviewed and revised and will soon be posted on our web site for all to read.  Again, as we grow, we need to keep our rules and regulations updated which we try to do without getting lost in the detail.  While we need rules to govern our organization, we also need flexibility.

We will be purchasing new microphones to add to our sound capability and some heavy duty set moving wheels to assist in the quiet moving of large set pieces on stage. The summer production will require all of this.  Speaking of the summer production, don’t forget that auditions for “Annie” are coming up on May 26, 27, 28. The production team is pretty well in place but volunteers are always needed to help so please contact a Broad member if you would like to help out.

It is with regret that we must announce that President Bill Honer is taking a temporary leave of absence as President of Community Players due to a family emergency.  Bill will continue to work with Community Players as a board member as his situation allows.  Vice President Michelle Goebel is unable to assume the duties as President so the Board voted to appoint Dave Turk as Interim President until Bill is able to resume the position.

The End (for now)