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THE SCRIPT- June 7, 2011

Director:  Dave Turk

Author: Sharon Zales

Cast:  (Community Players Board Members) Alex Miller, Michelle Goebel, Chuck Koester, Ken Nitka, Glen Dunne, Deb Zorea, Bill Honer

Crew: (Community Players Members) Paul Murphey, Don Hart, Cole Muth

“The more you know, the more you know…”

“Annie” is quickly becoming a reality! Co-Producer Paul Murphey reports that a cast of 48 ( including George who plays Sandy!) has hit the ground running and are now hard at work learning songs and dances as well as lines.  The move to the High School means sets can now become a reality and the sound and light crews can begin their painstaking tasks.  While there are some issues that need to be dealt with at the high school, everyone is doing whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles and present a polished production! Anyone that wants to help with set construction or house staff is asked to contact Paul ASAP! 

If anyone knows of individuals or businesses willing to make a tax free contribution of anything (like electrical cable/lumber/ whatever) please contact either Dave Turk or Ken Nitka—or anyone!  All donations are so very much appreciated!

We now own four new microphones to add to our ever growing sound capability.  Productions as large as we have done in the last few years need a lot of extra equipment.  A big thank you to those people over the years who have loaned so much!  Without you we could not dream as big as we do.

We are still awaiting word on who is the lucky recipient of the first annual Corey Bobb Scholarship. As soon as we know, it will be posted on our web site.  And, speaking of the web site, there is a great deal of valuable CP information available on that site. If you are reading this you are already there so please feel free to check out all the other information available.  If you have any suggestions as to improvements or other information you would like to see here, please let us know!

We are currently in the process of figuring out the best way to recognize and acknowledge those generous long term supporters of Community Players.  Stay tuned for further information on this also.

With the change in the by-laws, we are scheduled to have a general meeting in August to discuss our winter production.  Anyone out there with ideas/plans/thoughts on a winter production, please plan to attend this meeting.  There will be an announcement on this soon.


The End (for now)