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"As good as, or better than, any professional theatre group I have ever seen!" - Audience Members
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August, 2011 - General Membership Meeting

“The more you know, the more you know…

Director: Dave Turk, President

Author: Sharon Zales, Secretary

Cast: Glen Dunne, Deb Zorea, Alex Miller, (Community Players Board Members) plus assorted interested members of CP
Setting: RCPAC Auditorium

As our production opens, the entire cast of the featured players along with very special guest stars is seated and  listening raptly to the good news on concerning the recently competed production of “Annie”

“Boffo!” said Paul McManaway. “The best production ever!” enthuses Beatta Elliott.  So we find out that over 2400 people attended the production that averaged 400 bodies per show.  The acting was excellent, the music and dance wonderful and the sets and sound superb, all the critics agree. So, kudos to everyone connected with this most successful summer production.

The winter production looms ominously on the horizon.  Looms ominously?  Yes, it seems that no one is willing to step forward and take charge of a winter show.  Many good ideas come from the seated cast.  These ideas include a variety show, “The Messiah”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  All excellent ideas but there is no chief to take charge of any of them.  How will Community Players ever be able to have a winter production if no one is willing to direct one?  The solution to this dilemma has not been found.  Suggestions include advertising, partnering with other theater groups, even hiring a professional show.  But no solution.  People will be contacted and, hopefully, a solution will present itself. Anyone with helpful ideas should contact President Dave Turk ASAP.

Help! Louise Murphey and Susan Calnin need volunteers to help clean and sort costumes and props so Community Players can find them when needed. Please also contact President Dave if you can help with this and he will put you in touch with the right people.  Also badly needed—much more storage space for large items like scenery pieces.  PLEASE  come forward if you have any helpful ideas on this.

Stay tuned….

That’s all for now.