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"As good as, or better than, any professional theatre group I have ever seen!" - Audience Members
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April, 2011

Director:  Bill Honer, President

Author:  Sharon Zales, Secretary

Cast: (Community Players Board Members) Glen Dunn, Ken Nitka, Alex Miller, Dave Turk, Michelle Goebel, Deb Zorea

Guest Stars: Paul Murphy, Cheryl Crook, George Laubmeier IV

Setting: Community Players Board Meeting

“The more you know, the more you know….”

Opening scene is guest star George L., also known as G4, helping to bring the board up to speed with the problems and possible solutions for some of the sound issues which have cropped up with our past shows. G4 pointed out that Community Players needs to consider the purchase of more sound equipment and the need to be sure that any newly purchased equipment is compatible with the existing equipment.  He also pointed out that the budget for sound has decreased in the last few years making working on the sound a real challenge.  We all thank G4 for his help and dedication to making our productions “sound” good and taking the time to share his thoughts and ideas with the Board.

Scene two features guest stars Paul Murphy and Cheryl Crook sharing the production ideas and questions on this summer’s production of   “Annie”.   We would like to have available through the library a DVD of “Annie” so potential cast members may become familiar with all of the music involved.  Yes, the sun will come up tomorrow and, when it does, it will find auditions scheduled for May 26, 27 and 28.  A preliminary budget was presented and a discussion of the amount of microphones needed for the anticipated size of the cast.  With the production team in place and posters and advertising already in circulation, it seems “Annie” is off to a good start!

The annual donation letter will be sent out soon so, if you know of anyone that is willing to support our cause, please ask them for money!

Community Players now has a written rental agreement that must be done every time someone uses our sets, props, costumes or equipment.  This should help keep track of our items.  An inventory has begun and it is pretty startling how much of everything we actually own!  Many thanks to RCPAC for allowing us to store much of our things with them but, as we accumulate more items, storage does become a problem.  Ideally, we would like to have one central location for all of our “stuff” so, if anyone knows of a wonderfully charitable person or organization that would be willing to make a donation of a storage facility of some sort PLEASE contact one of the Board members.  Even if you have an idea of how we can solve this issue your input would be appreciated.

Our webmaster, Dave Turk, will purchase for Community Players, an external storage drive for archiving all of the Community Players production and any other items deemed worthy of being archived.  The Board also authorized Deb Zorea to check into the purchase of four more microphones including ears, lapels and bodies and a road case for all of our microphones.

The next fundraiser for the Corey Bobb Scholarship fund will be in the form of a farewell salute to Peggy Vieth who is moving from the community.   This will happen on April 30 at

The by-laws for the Community Players will be reviewed and amended.  There will be a special Board meeting called to approve any changes.  In particular, the fiscal year of the corporation needs to be changed and a second meeting of the entire group needs to be held in part to address the winter production. 


THE END (for now)